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7th Wave: Over 55 and thriving?

We provide technology support, specifically for the over 55 year old, on all types of computers, tablets, phones and gadgets. Whatever your needs, we make a difference, so don't be afraid to ask; the future is bright, todays technology really can enhance your education, health and lifestyle. Let us show you...

7th Wave Blog

Communicate to the world with your first blog, let us set one up for you. We will provide online support and tuition to get you started.

Or you can create your own blog for free with the option to upgrade to our standard or premium options.

The ALL new 7th Wave blogging platform; simple and clean; giving you time to express yourself and build a loyal following for your blogs.

Behind 7th Wave is an "automatic, intelligent, linking algorithm", some people call it disruptive technology, we call it progress.

"Check out the 7th Wave demo site".

"See our latest blog site for 21st Century Philosophy".

"See another blog site for Martin the Entrepreneur".

"And another for Mike's Haiku.".

"See our latest blog HUB site for the City of Sheffield".

"Jess's new site from 7th Wave".

"New beta site for the revolutionary concept: Great Britain Games".

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